Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital is the large-scale tertiary children’s hospital approved by Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, a unique tertiary children’s hospital in northern Beijing, and also the currently largest private children's hospital in China, has formally become the designated medical institution for medical insurance in Beijing in December 2017. At present, it has joined in the medical association for pediatrics respectively launched by Chinese PLA General Hospital (301 Hospital) and Eight-one Children’s Hospital of Beijing Military General Hospital. And it is invited to join in the medical association for pediatrics from Dongfang Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.
  Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital is located in the core area of Huilongguan and Tiantongyuan cultural residential district, covers about 40,000 square meters of the construction area, with 500 beds. And it set up 36 professional department with Blood Tumor Center, Pediatric Cardiac Center, Center for Neurological and Rare Diseases in Children, Respiratory Asthma Center, Pediatric Acute and Critical Diseases Care Unit and Neonatal Center and Children’s Health Care as key departments, and is focusing on providing personalized solutions to medical treatment and health of integrating “prevention, health care, diagnosis & treatment and recovery” for those aged -1 to 18. At the same time, it cooperates with Maternal and Child Health Care of China Association, Beijing Municipal Health Commission, Chinese PLA General Hospital and any other authoritative institutions to help Chinese parents improve their knowledge level of feeding infants, and provide Chinese children with a scientific and comfortable service platform of medical treatment and health.
  Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital is the first tertiary private children’s hospital that has passed the appraisal of “Baby-friendly Hospital” inChina, which is the designed service institution for premature babies who are at high and low risk in Changping District, the Beijing critically ill newborn’s rescue and referral and consultation network designated hospital and also a teaching hospital of Jinan Medical University, and has been granted the title of National Honest Private Hospital. Taking a good care of the most precious lives, “the Jingdu” always adhere to a benevolent mind and heart of being a doctor to carefully build a warm children’s hospital.





Liu Yinglong

Liu Yinglong,Hospital Director of Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital

Chief Physician, Doctoral Tutorand Professor
He has engaged in cardiac surgery, teaching, and research for nearly 45 years and made a prominent contribution to the congenital heart disease surgery of China; and he is the former director of Pediatric Surgery Center of Fuwai Hospital, which belongs to Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Pediatric Cardiac Center of Beijing Anzhen Hospital.

Liu Qiang

Liu Qiang,Administration Director of Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital

Deputy Chief Physician and leading expert
Party Branch Secretary of Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital
From 2003 to 2008, he was in Department of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation of Beijing Daopei Hospital; from 2010 to 2012, he has worked in management in Department of Nephropathy of Beijing Jingbei Hospital for many years and engaged in the clinical work of hematological tumor for six years, including the five-year clinical work of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

Sun Xuding

Sun Xuding,Business Director of Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital

Chief Physician, Master Tutor and Professor
He is a member of Pediatric Branch of Beijing Medical Association and China Association of Chinese Medicine, and a standing director of Pediatric Branch of Chinese Medical Association of Minorities. He has engaged in clinical work of pediatrics for nearly 40 years, and is a key discipline leader of State-level Combination of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. And he is a founder of Respiratory Asthma Center from Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital and Department of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine for Respiratory Asthma.

Song Guowei

Song Guowei,Medical Director of Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital

Chief Physician and Doctoral Tutor
He is the Vice Director of the Society of Pediatrics, Chinese Medical Doctor Association, and a vice-group leader of the Subspecialty Group of Pediatrics, the Society of Emergency Medicine, Chinese Medical Associations; the former vice director and deputy hospital director of Capital Institute of Pediatrics, and Director of the treatment center for respiratory disease in children; He graduated from Medical Department, BeijingMedical College in 1970 and now he is engaged in the emergency research and clinical work of Pediatrics.

Sun Yuan

Sun Yuan,Deputy Hospital Director of Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital

Chief Physician and Professor
She is the vice Chairman of China Health Care Association Cord Blood Application Branch, Member of International Tissue and Cell Society.She successfully completed the first domestic case of autologous cord blood transplantation for treating children with severe aplastic anemia and the first domestic case of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for treatment of XIAP-related hemophagocytic syndrome.

Cui Xiuying

Cui Xiuying,Deputy Hospital Director of Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital

Consultant Expert of national medical insurance
From 1995 to 1997, he worked in TCM klinik kotzting of Munich, Germany; from 1998 to 2010, he engaged in the free medical service and medical care management in the Affiliated Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.

Zuo Xuanqin

Zuo Xuanqin,Assistant to the Hospital Director and Nursing Director of Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital

Associate Chief of Nursing
She is a member of the ethics specialized committee from Chinese Medical Doctor Association and the first batch of ICU specialist nurses; the former supervisor of nursing care of International Medical Services from China-Japan Friendship Hospital and Integrated Department for senior cadres. She also works as the Secretary of the ICU specialized committee from Chinese Nursing Association, and has engaged in the clinical nursing work for more than 30 years.

Li Yin

Li Yin,Chief Financial Director of Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital

She has many years of audit experience in four accounting firms and the internal audit experience in a Hong Kong-listed company, and worked as a person-in-charge of the internal audit team. And she engaged in the work for internal control for many years and served as a regional chief financial sirector in a large-scale listing medical group of Hongkong.

Zhang Tonghua

Zhang Tonghua,Director of Brand Operation of Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital

She is the former vice president of Tencent Doctorwork, Brand Director of Spring Rain Doctor, and has been engaged in the work of brand and marketing management for nearly 12 years.

Cui Ke

Cui Ke,Business Development Director of Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital

He is the formerdirector of the project content product center of Meixun and COO of Chuantaiyi, with more than 10 years of market operation, expansion and cooperation experiences.



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