Registering explanation

1、The online registration platform of “Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital” in Jingdu service account: make an appointment for the next seven day and then hang a number for the current day;

2、All people with health insurance cards cannot make appointments online.

3、Registration counseling hotline in China: 010-69787777


  Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital, based on international cutting-edge comfort treatment techniques, devotes itself to provide children patients with safe, orderly and effective medical services. As a new direction of medical development, comfort treatment starts from children’s psychological experience, which enables patients and family members to feel comfort and humanized medical services, to give humane care and dignity of children patients.

  World Health Organization ranks pain as the fifth vital sign besides breath, blood pressure, pulse and temperature. And children are more sensitive to minor pains than adults. Other than making a child comfortable and painless, while the spiritual fear in the treatment process is avoided under its protection to free from the psychological pressure, the comfortable therapeutic schedule of Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital can improve compliance, cooperation degree, inspection efficiency and diagnostic accuracy in clinical examination and treatment, and really reach the comfortable and safe medical level in an order and efficient way.

  The range of “comfort service” includes (outpatient service and wards)

  Blood Tumor Center, Pediatric Cardiac Center, Department of Stomatology, Department of Otolaryngology, Department of Ophthalmology, Bronchoscope Room, CT Room, MRI Room, Catheter Room, Ultrasound Room, Electrocardiogram Room, Burn and Plastic Surgery, Department of General Surgery and any other departments and divisions required comfort treatments


  Direct Billing

  The ways of paying of Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital include direct billing and cash payment. Our financial operation team can assist you in rapidly and conveniently completing the payment of charges.

  Now, there are insurance companies cooperated with the hospital: MSH CHINA, Cigna & CMB, CPIC Allianz, GBG, Oral-B, GENERALI CHINA, BUPA, ICBC-AXA and Zhongda Jianan, which provide high-end policy holders with direct billing services.


  Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital is an international high-end specialized children’s hospital established according to the international JCI medical standard, with many authoritative experts from home and abroad in all fields, and provides the international medical procedure.

  Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital is a leading children’s health care platform, which supports direct billing for many kinds of medical insurances in the world. The patient-oriented occupational concept realized the sincere cooperation between Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital and health insurance companies. Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital signs the direct-paying agreement with a great many of insurance organizations to ensure the convenient medical service of patients. It develops the reasonable and effective operation specifications with medical insurance organizations from home and abroad to provide safeguard for children from home and abroad who require high-end medical needs and enjoy better medical service.

  You can call 010-69787777 or take your personal health insurance card and ID card to our information desk and learn more about your personal information in health insurance.