Children is Health Care

Children is Health Care_Center Introduction


Children’s health care gathers a team of experts led by Professor Dai Yaohua, the doctoral tutor in Capital Institute of Pediatrics, chief child health care expert in Beijing Jingdu Children's Hospital, director of Child Hygiene Collaborating Center of WHO and director of Children's Health Care in China Preventive Medicine Association, and by Shan Jinpin (Granny Shan), director of Early Childhood Development Center in Beijing Jingdu Children's Hospital and authoritative expert in child health in China. Having engaged in clinical practice in pediatrics for 40-odd years, Granny Shan initiated an operation pattern focusing on children early development in China in 2000 and was recognized and given a high appraisal from officials in Ministry of Public Health and United Nations Children's Fund. The said pattern now has been generalized to maternal and child care service centers at all levels throughout the country. Children’s health care sets up a physical examination clinic for children aging from 0 to 16 years old, a longitudinal tracking clinic of integrated early childhood development for children aging from 0 to 6 years old, a management clinic for high-risk infants under 1 year old (including premature delivery, low birth weight and asphyxia during during labor), a feeding management clinic for infants under half a year old (those who enduring feeding intolerance of breast milk, bottle-feeding and mixed feeding), a malnutrition and anemia clinic, a management clinic of early diagnosis of autism, and a management and promotion clinic of child behavior and psychological development. The center strives to mainly serve middle and premier class customers and builds a national level base for children early development, running the gamut from diagnosis and treat, rehabilitation, therapeutic intervention, early education to membership service.