Blood tumor center

Blood tumor center_Center Introduction


The blood tumor center consists of Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital specialists, led by professor Wu Minyuan who is an expert of outstanding contribution of the State Council and well-known expert in the field of children haematological disease, led by professor Sun Yuan who is the Vice President of Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital.The blood tumor center carries out diagnosis and treatment of children hematologic benign and malignant diseases such as various anemia and hemorrhagic diseases, children hematopoietic malignancies and congenital immunodeficiency diseases. It is the largest children blood tumor center in China, with 10 functional zones—3 general hematology wards, 2 hematopoietic stem cell transplantation wards, special hospital wards, blood diagnostic laboratories, cell separation rooms, hematological tumor clinics and PICC clinics—nearly 200 fixed beds and 20 one-hundred-class clean warehouses. Besides, it establishes the first aid foundation for hemophagocytic syndrome and chronic active EB virus infection children in China—Heart to Heart Aid Foundation—to provide aid for hard-pressed families with hemophagocytic syndrome and chronic active EB virus infection children from 0 to 18. With the completion of blood tumor center laboratory and immunotherapy laboratory of Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital, the center will realize advanced technologies like immunotherapy of different types of cells and gene therapy, accurate diagnosis and stratification, more proactive and accurate diagnosis of blood diseases to provide the most comprehensive and complete life support for children.