Pediatric cardiac center

Pediatric cardiac center_Center Introduction


Pediatric cardiac center consists of specialists led by Professor Liu Yinglong, a famous expert of congenital heart disease, president of Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital and director of pediatric cardiac center. Liu Yinglong’s team has completed over 10 thousand pediatric cardiac surgeries of various degrees of difficulty, with a success rate of more than 98% in Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital. His team consists of multi-disciplinary experts from surgical operation, anesthesia, cardiopulmonary bypass and postoperative intensive care. To help poor children with CHD, the hospital joins hands with the fund public welfare organization to initiate the care plan of children’s CHD to let each child have a healthy heart. Difficulty of getting medical treatment is an important matter in the medical field in China, and for CHD children to get medical treatment is much more difficult. Pediatric cardiac center of Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital takes the lead to open the green channel of CHD diagnosis and treatment, thus realizing the rescue system of zero-waiting and real-time admission, greatly reducing the cost and retention time of children to get medical treatment and alleviating the difficulty of getting medical treatment of exhausted children parents from all over the country.