Respiratory asthma center

Respiratory asthma center_Center Introduction


The respiratory asthma center consists of specialists of Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital led by Sun Xuding, business director of Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital, Chen Yuzhi, a famous respiratory asthma expert, Liu Hong, director of respiratory department, Wu Jihong, director of respiratory asthma clinic, and includes the respiratory asthma clinic and the first domestic asthma clinic of combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine, 80 ward beds, characterized with scientific, humanized design and cozy environment. As the largest diagnosis and treatment center of respiratory diseases and pediatric endoscopy center in northern part of Beijing, it mainly carries out allergen detection, bronchoscopy and treatment, specific immunotherapy, pulmonary function test, exhaled nitric oxide test and ventilator therapy, etc. Dialectical therapy of traditional Chinese and western medicine is the characteristic of the respiratory asthma center of Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital, including pediatric atomizing inhalation, nasal irrigation, pediatric acupoint application and pediatric massage. It combines traditional Chinese and western medicine to realize internal and external treatment, synthetic regulation and formulate personalized comfort medical solutions based on the physical constitution of Chinese children.