Liu Yinglong

Liu Yinglong

  • Title:chief physician, doctoral tutor and professor
  • Department:Pediatric cardiac center
  • Major specialty
    He is an expert at pulmonary artery atresia, complete transposition of great arteries, tricuspid valve displacement, tricuspid atresia, double outlet right ventricle, severe pulmonary hypertension and infant severe complex congenital heart disease.
  • Expert introduction
    Hospital director Liu Yinglong, former center director of pediatric surgery in Fuwai Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, former center director of pediatric heart in Beijing Anzhen Hospital, once served as visiting professor of 20-odd hospitals, including Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Children’s Hospital in Shijiazhaung of Hebei Province, Children’s Hospital in Zhengzhou of Henan Province and other hospitals. He participated in the ninth Five-Year plan, the 10th Five-Year Plan key projects, major project of ministry of health and other 14 major research projects. He has engaged himself in treatment, teaching and research of cardiac surgery for nearly 45 years, mainly occupied inclinical work of cardiac valves and complex congenital heart diseases, and has made outstanding contributions to cardiac surgery. He has made great achievements in treatment and research of artificial cardiac valves and severe congenital heart diseases in children. He once went to Indonesia for 3 times to teach and demonstrate complex congenital heart surgery of infants. He has published 120-odds papers, wrote 6 books in collaboration with other authors and cultivated 8 postgraduates, 24 doctoral students and 1 postdoctor and obtained a lot of superior national and municipal awards.