Song Guowei

Song Guowei

  • Title:Chief physician, doctoral tutor
  • Department:Pediatric acute and critical diseases care unit and neonatal center
  • Major specialty
    He is good at pediatricinternal medicine, children respiratory system diseases, rescue of critical illness of respiratory diseases.
  • Expert introduction
    Song Guowei, the medical director of Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital and the leader of the Pediatric Acute and Critical Diseases Care Center, graduated from the Medical Department of Beijing Medical College (now the Peking University Health Science Center) in 1970, has worked in the Institute of Pediatrics for decades. Song Guowei is the former deputy director and director-general of the Society of Pediatrics, Chinese Medical Doctor Association, head of the Pediatrics Section of the Chinese Emergency Medical Association and head of the Emergency Section of the Chinese Academy of Pediatrics, and has worked as the associate editor of Chinese Journal of Pediatrics, Chinese Journal of Practical Pediatrics, Chinese Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Chinese Journal of Evidence Based Pediatrics and the editorial board member of Chinese Journal of Applied Clinical Pediatrics, Journal of Clinical Pediatrics and International Journal of Pediatrics with high medical attainments and noble medical ethics.