Sun Xuding

Sun Xuding

  • Title:chief physician, professor and master tutor
  • Department:Respiratory asthma center
  • Major specialty
    He is adept at pediatric respiratory diseases through combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, including children bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, chronic cough, recurrent respiratory tract infection, rhinitis, nasosinusitis, immunocom promise and chronic diarrhea disease, etc.
  • Expert introduction
    Director Sun Xuding, the founder and leader of eespiratory asthma center and clinic in Beijing Jingdu Children's Hospital, has engaged himself in clinical practice in pediatrics for 34 years and accumulated rich clinical experience. He is experienced in diagnosis and treatment of pediatric common diseases and difficult miscellaneous diseases, and has cured many child patients who are suffering from recurrent infantile asthma and chronic cough through combination of Chinese traditional and Western medicine. He has great reputation across the country and has gained 100% satisfaction and 100% cure rate for consecutive years on an online medical inquiry website, Hao Daifu and he is well received by parents.